Mercedes-Benz Gets Emotional

What do you think of these?


Their goal was “intense, emotional tales.”

It is a further move forward by the brand as a whole towards more modernity, progressivism and dynamism across the entire brand identity of Mercedes-Benz. With ‘Grow up,’ we are reinterpreting traditional values and attitudes towards Mercedes while showcasing their modern-day interpretation and relevance within generations X and Y.

That’s Dr. Jens Thiemer, VP of Marketing for Mercedes-Benz cars.

To get the full effect of what Mercedes is trying to do, watch all 5 short films:

They feel real, honest, unscripted.

Some of the “conversations” make me feel uncomfortable.

They are as far away from the typical car spot as they can get. The cars are props at best, seen rarely, and never in a way to make you feel like that’s what they’re selling.

And they are clearly aimed at our children.

Mercedes is clearly concerned about becoming Buick or Cadillac — our parents and grandparents cars.

Will this increase sales with younger drivers? I don’t know, but they certainly got my attention, and I love the attempt.