We have mentoring. Doesn’t always mean the mentor will give you the best advice. I think people should seek out other people to learn from so you have a network of people that will give you feedback.”

That’s Jaime Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, and he wasn’t just speaking to his investment banking buddies.

When did you last reach out to someone you know, even if not all that well, and begin a dialogue, seek another opinion about what’s happening at your station or in your format?

And mentoring goes both ways: You ask, and you offer.

If you’ve been successful in Radio for a decade or more, you should be mentoring someone in our business, don’t you think?

Find someone in your company, or another market, and offer yourself as a sounding board.

Mentoring doesn’t mean spending hours every day or week on the phone.

Mentoring is sharing experience you’ve earned the hard way with someone you know and in whom you see potential.

Share yourself. We need every brain and talent to help Radio improve and stay vital.