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Meet The Millenials

Meet The Millenials

Your future awaits

Have you seen the Pew Research Study of the Millenials, the term given to the generation of teens and 20-somethings who are making their passage into adulthood at the start of this new millenium?

It’s worth a few minutes of your time, but for those of you too strapped to check it out, here’s some of the general findings that may help you focus on that target:

  • Millenials are more ethnically and racially diverse than Boomers
  • They tend to be less religious and less likely to have served in the military…
  • They will probably be the most educated generation in American history…
  • Even with setbacks from the Great Recession, they are more upbeat and confident about their own futures, and the future of our country than their parents…
  • 75% have created a personal profile on a social marketing site…
  • 20% have posted a personal video online…
  • and yes, you are seeing more tattoos: 40% sport one.

It’s always tricky trying to cram millions into any sized box, but this is a fascinating study.

If you can’t spend time with it now, print it and save it for your next flight or vacaction.

These are the listeners/viewers of our future.