Meaning Lasts

The power of purpose


A rewarding career is more about doing what’s important to you than doing what you love. New evidence reveals that people who look for purpose are more successful in pursuing their passions—and less likely to quit their jobs—than those who look for joy. Enjoyment can fade. Meaning lasts.” ~ Adam Grant

One of the lingering after-effects of Covid has been our reexamination of how we spend our days on this earth.

Most of us with enough resources to conquer desperation have found a better balance in our lives over this past year.

More time at home. More time with our families. More self-reflection.

More gratitude.

If you’re spending your precious time doing something unrewarding check this out, from the Harvard Business Review,: 3 Reasons It’s So Hard To Follow Your Passion.

Covid taught us that life is too brief to be wasted on work that doesn’t fulfill us emotionally.

So, what is your purpose today?  Reading another liner and playing music picked out for you by a computer?

Or do you have a message today that will help lighten someone’s burden, whether that’s their work or their grief?

Perhaps you have the ability to make others laugh and totally forget their circumstances for a while, or infuse them with energy to get through another day.

Why did you pick Radio as your career? What were your hopes and dreams?

Maybe you’ll find your way once you remember that feeling.

As Bill Schaninger of McKinsey & Company recently told a gathering of CEOs, “…now that you have let the genie out of the bottle, all sorts of things are going to come into question…This has been a real opportunity for people to question their own purpose, and whether what they are doing is what they want to do.” (from Fortune magazine)

And THIS might be useful as well.

Let this be one of the positive outcomes from this pandemic.


Ohh, one more thing. I’m a fan of Adam Grant’s and share more of his insight and wisdom in tomorrow’s post. I think you’ll like it.