A lesson in local content…


McDonald’s is rolling out its own television channel, first in 800 outlets in California, and then across the whole mcdonalds-logocountry.

You’ll be able to watch specially produced local content with your Big Mac and fries.

McDonald’s has customized programming for each location so you’ll see local news, profiles of local high school athletes, and segments featuring local women juggling home life with their careers.” *

McDonald’s realizes it has a captive audience, and wants to use the opportunity to send a message that they are not just a place to eat quickly, but a neigborhood gathering place.

They want to be the new town square.

It’s interesting that as corporate radio becomes less and less local, retail outlets, including Starbucks and McDonald’s, are moving in the opposite direction.

What do they know that we don’t, except how to make more money, using a commitment to localizing and marketing, no matter how bad the economy is?




*The Week, October 28, 2011