May I Interrupt?

Well, I’m going to anyway


Facebook is running a small test that allows all videos to automatically start rolling with the sound on, rather than silently as they do now — this despite the company’s own research showing that unexpected, loud video ads annoy 80 percent of users.” (Facebook Business)

What happened to targeted ads?

How is this different from the interruption model broadcast media has used from the beginning?

If I have to listen to an ad I don’t want to see, it’s not.

In fact, it’s worse on Facebook because there’s no way now to skip to the content I do care about.

At least, when watching TV or listening to Radio, I can switch easily.

I don’t think the internet has solved the commercial problem, and if this “test” becomes the norm, it can only help those radio stations that spend the money and time to create really compelling content worth waiting for.