Master of the Comedic Pause

Can you guess?


Once, when in Tucson with a client, I met Gene Wilder.

I was staying at the Arizona Inn, one of my favorite hotels anywhere in the world, and after checking in on the evening of my arrival, I heard a piano being played in the library, just down the hall.

I popped my head in to see who was playing and voila! Gene Wilder, in the flesh.

He greeted me, and invited me to stay for the sing-a-long he was hoping to create.

Sadly, we lost him last year, but he was as warm and gracious and funny as you would expect, maybe more than you would expect.

And Gene was the absolute master of the comedic pause.

If you do humor on your show, this is worth watching over and over again.

There is a rhythm, an element of timing, that makes funny funnier.

It’s worth understanding and perfecting if you expect humor to be a big part of your on-air act.