Marketing’s Most Valuable Generation

And you probably don’t target them…

Nielsen just released a study that shows within 5 years 50% of the US population will be 50+.

Yep, Boomers are set to control 70% of the disposable income in America, yet only 5% of all advertising messages are targeted at them.

Oh, one more thing, Boomers are set to inherit $15 trillion over the next 20 years. (If you end up with more than you can handle, feel free to send some my way.)

I don’t suppose advertisers and agencies want any of that money either.

Or, you could laugh your way to the bank, like CBS TV is. As CBS TV’s head of Entertainment, Nina Tasslet said recently, “…18-49 is not the end-all it’s made out to be.”

If your station is smart, and local, and you’re results- and solution-based rather than accepting national orders-based, you might grab a chunk of an ever-larger pie.

You’ll have to acknowledge the very people you don’t want showing up on your ratings now, though.

Maybe hire some. Play music they like. Sponsor events they care about. Actually talk about things they care about…


Think you can do that?

If you don’t, someone else eventually will, and it’ll be as if someone turned on a light in a very dark room and suddenly we can all see who’s really inside there with us.