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Meet iTrevor…

You must have seen Trevor by now.


Clearly, in this first video, it appears that the Apple “genius” wants him to tone down his act.

That’s when viral media changed the direction this story takes.

Trevor posted his little dance on YouTube, and about one and a half MILLION people watched it.

Suddenly, Trevor was making similar fun, uninhibited dance videos in Apple stores up and down the southern California coast.

And, now it looks like the Apple store employees not only tolerate his presence, they actually enjoy it, dancing with him…


As you might expect, the story’s been picked up worldwide, generating tons of marketing exposure for Apple. Word is, Trevor’s been invited onto Ellen’s show.

And it sure makes the Apple store seem like a fun place to shop for cool, easy-to-use computers, huh?

This whole thing sort of reminds me of something…

a vague memory of how Radio used to cleverly stage “spontaneous” things that generated tons of press and attention in local markets.

An unknown guy suddenly shows up on a big billboard and vows to live there until he gets a job…

A well-dressed stranger walks through the mall the week before Christmas handing out $100 bills, anonymously…

One time our star night talent, Steve Kelly, put a caller on air who swore he’d seen something huge rise up out of the water on Sloan’s Lake. We burned out the phone lines, and thousands lined the shore as the lake was swept, just to be safe…

So this whole Apple store dance video thing is just a coincidence, right? I mean, just a kid having some fun and wanting some attention.

Steve Jobs couldn’t have actually planned…..

nahhhh. No one’s that smart and devious.