Make Me Laugh

Can you do that?


I’ve long coached talent not to try to make me laugh every time they speak.

That’s mainly because I’ve only known a handful of talent that were really, genuinely funny.

But, you and I know that nothing feels quite as good as knowing you made another person laugh.

So, with the same warning I’ve always given, IF you’re going to have a segment or two every show where laughter is the goal, here are a few sites that may help inspire you:

Satire is difficult to pull off in the time window you’re given today to make me laugh, but THIS SITE can offer some topic ideas that may lead to funny content;

How about FUNNY from a woman’s point of view?

Perhaps you already check out the WEEKLY HUMORIST...and THE HARD TIMES, the latter of which is more like THE ONION.

Bored Panda hit a nerve with this Jimmy Fallon bit;

And, the winner of the Best Content Idea that can last all week is: HERE. Be sure to check out the hundreds of comments at the bottom.


Make me laugh.

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