Never abandon


I’ve worked in France, throughout Europe now, for a very long time.

I love Paris, and some of my very best friends are French.

But one of the things I learned, I actually saw, while there, was impossible for me to understand.

Parisians go on vacation in July and August, and they actually go somewhere: to the beach, or the mountains, or a different country.

That’s fine. I love it that many are so well-traveled.

But many also simply abandon their pets rather than try to find a place to board them for 6-8 weeks.

They simply let them loose, just like this…

I’m sure it happens in other places, including America, but I actually saw it with my own eyes in France.

Paris is such a beautiful city.

The French are such passionate and vibrant people.

This is one thing I hope they talk about more before this summer, before vacation months roll around again.

This is one thing I really hope they change, culturally, so that dogs, our most loyal pets, never have to suffer like this.