Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Will your romantic relationship last?

This has been a great year for me and my wife. I literally cannot imagine life without her.

I know that, because for 30+ hours, I was forced to try.

When we got the good news, I felt as if I had won the Powerball.

Shannon’s been with me now for over 33 years. I know — she is clearly a saint. Still, she would be the first to tell you, our relationship takes a lot of work, for both of us.

We’ve invested time, energy, and lots of money for relationship therapy that is so totally worth it that we intend to give our son and his future bride (once he meets her) pre-marraige sessions on active listening and conflict resolution. That’s a gift they’ll use every day they’re together.

So, how’s your love relationship?

Scientists have adapted something called the “Implicit Attitude Test” to predict which relationships will not last, and it is amazingly accurate.

That’s a little scary, huh?

The test measures your unconscious feelings about your partner, and can give you a head-start on issues that need your attention before its too late.

You can check it out, free, online HERE.

It may be a cliche, but its also true: If you have health, and someone to love who loves you back with every part of themself, the rest of life pretty well takes care of itself.

This year, invest in the most important part of your life: your relationship.

You won’t be sorry.