Lots of Love

But not much loyalty.


You probably saw THIS HEADLINE on All Access last week.

The surprise is that 93% of Millennials still use Radio regularly, given all their options.

Why would we expect anyone to feel loyal to something they don’t actually need?

We can buy coffee, much less expensively, everywhere, so why do we keep going to Starbucks?

We can find less expensive phones, so why keep over-paying Apple and Samsung?

You build loyalty by being irreplaceable in their minds, by being perceived as so much better than the alternatives that the choice is simple.

Never forget that we are feeling creatures that think.

Our emotions drive our decisions. That is a scientific fact.

What do they feel when they hear your station?

Do they feel anything at all, except frustration at how many ads we play, at the droning drivel we pretend is content?

You will never drive loyalty while you’re afraid of sounding different from every other station.

Not a little different, a lot different.

You will never drive loyalty by playing it safe, by coloring within the lines, by staying within industry margins.

But it’s not too late to change if you’re brave enough to be bold.

Even Nielsen knows that.