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LOST: The Final Episode

LOST: The Final Episode


This is what you get when you allow your most passionate fans some measure of control with your content.

Notice, that the producers didn’t let fans write the final episode, or even any other episode. They didn’t turn over creative control to viewers, because honestly, that probably would’ve been garbage.

But by putting each episode online, they did allow one of the millions or ardent fans to create THIS…


One fan spent 32 hours, splicing together scenes from just about every season to create this incredible promo, which he then sent to the LOST producer, Damon Lindelof, who was so blown away by this guy’s work that he tweeted about it yesterday.

This is what is possible if you just encourage it.

If you give your listeners something wildly creative, and then trust them to be as smart, as funny, as passionate as YOU are, who knows what can happen?

But it’s certainly worth rolling the dice…