Lonely, But Never Alone

Ironic, huh?

The easier communication becomes, the more isolated within ourselves we are.

Look around you: everyone is absorbed in their own device screen, even at the dinner table, even on dates, or in church.

8,336,615 (New York) from Paul Riccio on Vimeo.

Don’t underestimate the inherent power within our medium for personal companionship.

It won’t happen until each individual listening feels you are speaking directly, personally, to him/her.

The more lost they become in their own communication devices, the more important you truly connecting with them becomes.

Sharing a favorite song, wondering about the mystery of the lost airplane, complaining about the weather…

It’s what friends do together.

If you do it right, you are the friend when no others are around. She may be alone but when she’s listening with you, she’s never lonely.


p.s. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to ya