Living Beyond Limits

How will your story end?

This young woman is remarkable.

Anyone who overcomes so much inspires us. If they can, so can we. Watch…

For lots of people in your life, the well of inspiration and self-confidence has run dry.

Maybe your well has run dry.

What I want you to know is hope. There are remarkable stories of transformation and re-birth all around you, no matter where you live.

So, if you’re not hearing them, if you’re not seeing them, you need to make a change.

I bang the drum of volunteerism because, as a child, Buddhist monks, and my own Christian parents, taught me the joy that comes from helping those with less.

I wouldn’t have chosen it. God dumped me into it. Amazing grace, indeed.

Try it. Just a few times. Take the focus off how bad your lot in life is and go serve among those who’ve really hit bottom. In those worn faces and broken lives you may just find your own redemptive transformation.

The only limits in your life are those you’ve placed in the way.

So there’s no reason you can’t remove them.