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GaGa at GooGle

You probably won’t have time to watch this entire interview, which lasts over an hour.

WARNING: NSFW. Contains profanity.


Couple of thoughts about this…

  • We all knew working at Google had some great perqs — 24-hour chefs, a kindergarten for your kids, on-site day care, and frequent and generous bonuses to name a few. But how cool is it that they can entice Lady GaGa to appear on their campus and host a private Q&A session with employees?
  • Google not only produced GaGa in the flesh, on campus, but also gave out 40 pair of tickets to her Oakland show, and had a “Team GaGa” Tshirt for every Google employee present. Clearly, they understand team-building.
  • What does it say about the state of radio that this appearance didn’t happen for a Clear Channel or CBS group of employees? Or the NAB Show in Vegas?
  • She’s got some good advice for you and I…

“…don’t obsess about the things that you didn’t do, or the things that you may have not done your best. Obsess about the future. Obsess about today. Think endlessly about how you can pull the inner Queen, or King, out of yourself, and let that superstar shine

As for advice? How about this gem…

If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not standing in the light.

Talented and insightful.

No wonder Google wanted to bring her to their employees.