What an opportunity

Your listeners have never had more choice than they do right now.

Dozens of “local” stations in your town, iPods, Pandora and Sirius in their cars, and — increasingly — millions of internet stations, including Apple’s Beats 1, which they see advertised on TV just about every day.

We live in the age of the long tail, where you can find Chinese opera if that’s your choice.

In fact, the choices are limitless.

Yet you are still judged by the mass of your audience.

It would seem logical that the broader your appeal, the more likely you are to win that race.

But it would not be right.

Counter-intuitively, you need to narrow your focus. You need to be passionately beloved, and that never happens by averaging down your appeal.

Stop trying to be all things to all people. Stop trying not to make a mistake playing this or that individual song.

Who cares if 25% of respondents “Don’t Like” that song as long as 25% “Love” it. You’re after the “Loves” not the “Likes.”

Focus relentlessly on passion, on doing radio so unique and compelling and entertaining that listeners can’t wait to tell their friends and co-workers about you.

Focus relentlessly on connecting with one individual listener at a time, over and over, every break, all day, every day.

It may not seem logical, but your path to winning big in your town lies in becoming irreplaceable to about 20% of the people who listen to radio.

And irreplaceable beats limitless every time.