Life Is Easy

Simple wisdom…

If you have 15 minutes, and are willing to consider, truly consider, everything you have always taken for granted about life, this short video has the power to set you free.

Our lives are about the choices we make.

America is the most medicated society in the history of the world. We spend more on health care than any nation on earth, yet our citizens are becoming less — not more — healthy. Millions of us are on anti-depressants and medications to help us sleep, and millions of Americans declare bankruptcy every year because of an uninsured medical emergency.

We work harder and take fewer vacation days than any other workforce in the western world.

We put our children into daycare a few weeks after their birth because we need two incomes to pay for our things.

We let others raise our children so we can have more things.

Say it out loud; it’s even more horrific when actually spoken.

Honestly, is anyone you know happier because of their possesions.

This simple guy from Thailand has more wisdom than almost anyone within your social circle today.

I hope you’ll watch this, and then share it.