Liars and Dupes

We’re one or the other

I’ve always been a big believer in the value of information on your station, believing that listeners listen for it, when it’s done well.

I’ve decried the increasing lack of commitment and resources to information precisely because I’ve viewed it as a tune-in rather than a tune-out.

But I’ve also done enough research — especially one-on-one research — with listeners to know that what they tell us when we ask them what types of information they want to hear is not the whole truth. Check this out…


The question asked in this Reuters survey was what kind of news was “most important” to them.

But when checked against which stories were read most online by these respondents, those on the right of the graph swapped positions with those on the left.

In other words, we say we love vegetables, but we actually eat more sweets.

The simple truth is, most Americans apparently don’t want to hear a lot about ISIS or the Ukraine. At least not when Angelina Jolie is shown with a new hair style.

You can read the whole article at the Atlantic HERE.

I still believe your information package can be a tune-in. The key is story selection, writing and delivery, and a great kicker.

Let me know if you need some unofficial help. I’m ready and willing.