Ladies and Gentlemen…

The Beatles!

I heard the news today, oh boy…


We all heard the news.

iTunes finally got the entire Beatles catalogue.

The announcement was deemed important enough to be included on national network newscasts last week.

It was in every local newspaper.

So why do you suppose Apple is spending all that money on TV spots to tell us what we already know?


Doesn’t Apple have to hit quarterly revenue and profit numbers like Radio?

Aren’t they governed by the same laws of economics, the same Wall Street demands, Radio must obey?



This is how Apple hits those quarterly numbers?

This has made Apple the winningest stock over the past 10 years?

Are you telling me that Steve Jobs, arguably the smartest marketing guy ever, uses marketing to drive growth???

You’re telling me that spending millions and millions of dollars advertising something we all already know about is smart??? That it actually makes money for the company???

Who knew?

That’s not a lesson I learned in Radio…



*FYI. ITunes sold over 2 million Beatles songs and over 450,000 Beatles albums within the first week.