Knowing Who You Are

The art of battling giants

Do you know the Biblical story of David and Goliath?

Goliath was the most fearsome warrior the Israelites had ever seen. A giant, literally.

So when King Saul asked for volunteers to fight him, only David, a young shepherd, raised his hand. King Saul dressed David in his — Saul’s –own full coat of armor and gave him his best sword, probably to assuage his guilt at sending a boy to fight a giant he himself was afraid to face.

David found he couldn’t even walk fully suited; the armor was too heavy for his slight frame. The sword was too heavy to swing easily, and he wasn’t skilled in using it anyway.

So David politely refused Saul’s armor and weapons and relied on his real skills, and his faith. He realized intuitively that his best chance at winning was being himself, even if that meant facing a giant with a slingshot.

Many of us tend to focus more on our perceived weaknesses rather than our demonstrated stengths. We’re tyring to be someone else, someone different, because we think that will help us get that job, or that promotion.

We think mimicing another talent’s methods and style will bring us success too, but that rarely works out.

Focus on your strengths.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t copy someone else’s style.

Be yourself, but be the best self you can possibly be.

It’s your best chance, even if the obstacle you face is a giant one today.