Know Yourself

Do you?

I’ve always believed air talent is under-appreciated, not by our listeners, but by our owners and managers.

You are asked to create entertaining content daily, without a staff of writers and producers, and if you run a bit long in any segment, or if your content falls short of the entertainment mark, you’re criticized, sometimes castigated.

No one who has done on-air work daily for weeks and years minimalizes the challenge. It is only the critics in your building and company that dare to do so.

For those, and for yourself — to keep your own efforts true — I think it’s worth posting this thought in your Control Room:

But you who seek to give and merit fame,
And justly bear a critic’s noble name,
Be sure yourself and your own reach to know,
How far your genius, taste, and learning go;
Launch not beyond your depth, but be discreet,
And mark that point where sense and dullness meet.
           ~ Alexander Pope