Killing Network TV

Slowly, but surely…

Netflix has more than 36 million subscribers. On weeknights, they account for more than one third of all internet usage in American homes.

That adds up to 4 billion hours of viewing every quarter, now available on over 1000 different devices, including your own TV set and smart phone. You can find all the details and an interview with Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, here.

If you haven’t already watched their original series, House of Cards, I bet you know someone who has.

house of cards

Why should you care, unless you already own the stock?

With all those eyeballs watching steamed content, without commercials, it’s another selling point for your radio station with your local advertisers.

Buying prime time TV is expensive in every market, and if an advertiser is reaching fewer and fewer people each year due to services like Netflix (and HBO and Showtime, et. al.) radio becomes even more efficient and economical.