Just One Person

Doing just one thing

Just one person, doing just one thing, using the reach and power of the Internet, saved this dog’s life.

I’m sorry I didn’t find this before Christmas, but the message is just as significant now, maybe more so, because animal shelters see a big drop in adoptions and support following the holidays.

I love dogs.

I love dogs because my dogs have loved me in an unconditional way I could never match. They have devoted their whole lives to me, to being with me no matter what I am doing.

Dogs sublimate their desires to ours. All they ask in return is to be loved.


How about us?

Can we save a dog’s life today?

One easy, painless way to help is to put this site on your toolbar, and then just click on it every day.

And spread the word.




My thanks to Gimundo for making me aware of this. It’s a great web site with a huge heart.

ps. I found this story about which animal is the most popular pet in the US. Dogs Rule!