Just One Percent Better



I’ve told you previously about the DO Lectures. I had planned to attend this year’s before Covid wiped it out.

I just love the way these guys think:

The compounding effect of trying to get better by 1% a day is huge” Compounded, it is 3,800% per year. That’s 40 times better than where you started in just one year.

So, here’s the question to ask each morning: “How can I get better today than I was yesterday?

This is so simple and profound.

And that’s why most people won’t take the time to really think about it.

I’m hoping you’re different.

I’m hoping you’ll ask yourself: How can I get 1% better today than I was yesterday.

One better break.

One better listener call.

One better tease.

Do it every day, and you end up where you always wanted to be: Inside the hearts of tens of thousands who can’t imagine one day without you.



BTW, if you’re not already a subscriber to the Do Lectures, click HERE.


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