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Jonathan Coehlo

Jonathan Coehlo

What can you say?


As I write this, more than 55,000 Americans have died from Covid-19.

More than 55,000 families feeling grief like this.

Don’t look away. Don’t be distracted.

Our country is deeply wounded and hurting and few of our leaders are up to the task of holding the hurting in their arms.

Grief counselors have taught us over the years not to minimize the feelings of the bereaved, which our discomfort with such raw emotion leads us to do because we want to help.

We want to fix it. We want to make it better somehow.

Well, know this: One of the best ways to help a friend grieving the death of someone they never imagined losing is to share stories about the one who died, or as Anderson Cooper did here, ask his wife about him.

Ask and listen.

Share the stories of those in your town who need our emotional support.

In the deep darkness of despair, this kind of sharing helps.

You can add to the fund to help take care of Jonathan’s family HERE, or you can make a donation in his name to your local food bank, or HERE.