It’s So Close

Do you dare?


I grew up in Singapore. It still feels like home.

That’s probably why I watched this at first, but it has nothing to do with why I’m hoping you’ll watch it now.

It’s always so close, raw emotion.

And the busyness of life, the ubiquity of screens seeking attention, pull us further and further from those we love most.

Until, ironically, we hardly ever really look at them.

At least, not the way we did when our relationship was new.

So, are you up for sharing a little vulnerability?

Pull out your iPhone and try what these people tried: stand close to someone you love and just look at them, without speaking, for several minutes.

Focus your full attention on them and let your thoughts and feelings go deep.

Then share the emotion this produces on your station’s Facebook page.

Ask everyone on your air staff to do it.

Express what you feel in your heart, no matter how emotional.

Scary, huh?

Will you let your listeners get that close to you?