It’s “Show” Business

A brief and simple lesson

This guy is amazing.

And we can learn from his craft.

Most of us are fascinated by magicians because (1) they’re entertaining; (2) they perform feats that we can’t duplicate or even understand — they defy our knowledge of physics.

It doesn’t really matter, in the end, that it’s slight of hand or trickery. Once past childhood, we all know that, yet we still watch.

How does this apply to what you do on the air? Watch first…


Never forget that you are a performer, and a skilled performance requires aptitude (talent) and preparation — lots and lots and lots of preparation.

Never forget that your listeners want to be entertained. They’re hoping to find someone who can fill them with wonder and delight for just a few minutes.

What are you bringing to your stage today that will delight your audience, that will leave them feeling better than before you began your performance?

Pretty simple question.

So if you still can’t see how your job is similar to this busker’s, call me. I’d love to talk about it with you.