It’s OK

It’s alright to be lost sometimes.


This story takes a little more than 7 minutes…but I bet that’s not what you’re thinking when it’s over.

I bet you’re thinking about this extraordinary woman, facing what she’s facing, with such grace and acceptance.

I bet you’re wondering whether you could be so positive if your life took this path.

I bet you’re emotional, baffled by the goodness some humans reflect in the darkest of days.

One sure thing: this type of emotional content doesn’t hurt their ratings: They’re #1.

I cannot imagine a radio format that wouldn’t stop listeners in their tracks if you had the courage to share a story like this. And, BTW, your town is filled with stories like this one.

I can’t imagine any listener saying, “That was so long and boring. I’m never listening to your station again!”

So, what’s stopping you from going here?

I don’t mean every day on every show. I mean, what’s stopping you from throwing your damn format clock out the window every once in a while and presenting a story that moves me to tears, that changes me for the rest of that day, maybe even that week?

A story I can’t wait to share, a story I need to talk about with others, so deep is its imprint on my heart.

I hope your answer isn’t something like “Well, this doesn’t fit our image” or, ” Our listeners don’t come to our station for this; they come for music,” or even worse, “I’ve never heard any other radio station do anything like this and I don’t want to face the scorn of my peers.”

Please. Share stories that change us. Share stories that ennoble us. Share stories that help to heal us.


Because you can.



*p.s. Her song is available on iTunes: “It’s OK (live Maple House Sessions)” 
I’m wondering why this wouldn’t get airplay on every AC station in America…