It’s Not The Same

And Covid made it worse!

Loneliness is not the same as being alone.” 

Loneliness is not about numbers. It’s about the depth of the connection, the feeling that you are being seen and loved.”

The cure for loneliness, in short, is intimacy, and the problem with intimacy is that it’s frightening.”

Ahhh, there’s the rub: Vulnerability. Exposing the real person behind the public persona. That’s terrifying to many of us.

There’s a risk of being rejected or having to deal with conflict, and both these things can feel insurmountable, especially when a person has been lonely for a long time.“*

Never discount the value of Radio as companion. Most listening is done by oneself, whether in a car or at a desk.

And Radio as companion has never been needed more than it is right now.

When you speak to one individual listener – rather than a mass audience – when you take the risk to be vulnerable and authentic, you open an emotional door to real human connection.

And when your listener feels that connection, loyalty is never an issue again.



*all quotes from Olivia Laing