It’s Happening

Whether Radio acknowledges this fact or not.


No one — not even Radio CEOs — dispute the proven fact that we are over-commercialized.

Not just Radio, either. TV is trying to find a solution to the problem of needing ever-increasing revenue while DVR technology allows us to skip every one of the ads. HULU just announced they are cutting the length of their commercial breaks.

Radio execs know that listeners hit the button once the stop set starts. That’s because they do it too.

No one wants to hear or see most commercials. Simple fact.

Now, there’s ample proof that consumers love entertaining commercials, and we believe that most people don’t change radio stations at their office every time a commercial break begins.

Still, over-commercialization is a real problem for Radio. It, more than any other factor, created the demand for Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music.

So when is Radio going to experiment with potential solutions?

Is any group open to trying something new?