It’s Genetic

Finally, here’s proof…

My wife tells anyone who will listen that she expects to get a call from the Highway Patrol some day telling her they have found a body behind the wheel of my car with its head exploded.

She believes my blood pressure will go so high at some point during an encounter with some imbecilic, distracted, moron driving — err, attempting to drive — that my head will literally explode.

Apparently, it is impossible for many drivers to actually concentrate on driving without any external distraction.

Why do I say this? Because I encounter them every time I’m in my car.

They are, variously, shaving, reading books, texting, brushing their teeth, putting on make-up, getting dressed, getting undressed, watching a video, picking their noses, plucking their eyebrows, or talking on their cell phones with one hand while eating an enormous burger with the other.

And, now, finally, proof of what I have been telling her all along.

These people are genetic disasters.

Fully one-third of American drivers have a genetic predisposition to be horrible drivers. It’s a brain issue.

I just wish we could start testing for it, along with the eye exams, at DMV.

Before my head explodes…