It’s Easy To Forget



It’s easy to forget how lost we felt before life sort of solved itself. At least, that’s the way it seems now looking back on everything, all the seeming inconsequential decisions we made that ended up here, as if by connecting dots we never saw.

It’s easy to forget the doubt, the constant doubt, about the direction we chose, about whether we were good enough, smart enough, likeable enough, competent enough.

It’s easy to forget that lucky break, the one that made possible all of what we have now.

It’s easy to forget the passion we felt, the willingness to work really long hours, not because we had to, but because what we were doing was so much fun!

It’s easy to forget our fear of rejection, especially when it happened again and again before we finally found that one special person to be ours.

It’s easy to forget how aimless and untethered we felt when we were young.

But if you haven’t forgotten, there are so many out there listening, waiting to hear about hope and resilience, wanting a story they can connect with.

You can change their lives today. You can change lives every day!

And once you realize that, see it happen, it’s hard to forget.

And then it’s hard to be satisfied with anything else.