It’s About Her

Not you!


The feeling we leave our clients and customers with (about themselves and not us) as they walk out the door is the best self-promotion money can’t buy. No amount of pleading and persuading beats the delivery of an exceptional experience that the customer wants to repeat.”

I read a lot every day so I can’t remember now where I saw this, but it applies to you and your success on the air.

You want to have listeners feel good, not about you and what you do (which is where so many of us in Radio get off track) but about themselves because of listening to you.

It’s tricky.

It’s about her, and how you helped her to feel about herself.

It’s not about you and how you made her feel about you.

Her, not you.

If she feels good about herself — about her mostly unconscious images she has about herself, the person she believes herself to be — as she listens to you, you will get the credit for the feeling.

That’s why it’s so important that you produce content that makes her feel.

She can’t feel good about herself when you’re droning on about variety and more music because that has nothing to do with feeling anything.

It has nothing to do with her.

That is only about you.

Got it?


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