It Tugs At Your Heart

When someone does this…

It’s a scene most of us have witnessed. I think girls, in particular, picture it in their minds beginning at a very early age.

A father walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle at her wedding, symbolically protecting and guiding her to adulthood, her new life.

But the guests were confused when this father stopped, whispered something in his daughter’s ear, and walked briskly down to the front of the ceremony.

He grabbed the hand of his daughter’s step-father, pulled him up, and asked him to share this moment with him, acknowledging in one gesture his gratitude for the role her step-father had played in her life.

The step-dad was so overcome, he began to cry.

You can see the pictures HERE.

This is the take-away, though — beyond mere appreciation of a kind act.

“…when someone acknowledges and appreciates you, it tugs at your heart. It just breaks you down with emotion.”

The power of public acknowledgement and heartfelt appreciation.

Nothing in your toolbag of management actually means more.

Nothing in your understanding of relationships is as compelling.

It’s even more powerful when it’s unexpected.