It Sells Books Too

I’m surprised.

I’m a reader. I haven’t spent a day without reading since I was a child in Malaya decades ago.

We didn’t have television there so books became entertainment, best friends. I can’t imagine my life without books.

I read reviews, like most readers, and I’m always grateful for friends who recommend great books to me.

I like books that move me emotionally, stories that take me places I can’t go myself. The best books always make me feel deeply.

Still, I’m surprised that THIS PLATFORM is responsible for selling lots and lots of books.

And the videos that work best are themselves often highly emotional.

It becomes this very emotional 45-second video that people immediately connect with,” the director of books at Barnes & Noble told The Times. “We haven’t seen these types of crazy sales — I mean tens of thousands of copies a month — with other social media formats.” *(NY TIMES, subscription may be required)

Emotion sells.

You’re probably tired of me banging this drum, but this is just another example to help persuade you to make me feel strongly when I listen to your on-air work.

I’m a fan of anything that promotes reading. Emotion sells books.

And emotion can help bond your audience with you.