It’s Your Choice

It’s Your Choice

One you need to make.

You can choose to see every second of non-musical content on your station as a potential tune-out


you can see it as an opportunity to create non-musical content that is a tune-IN.

How you see non-musical content will determine every hiring and coaching decision you make with your air staff.

That’s worth thinking really hard about this final month of the year.

Maybe 2016 will find you ready to step away from the crowd that fears non-musical content, to head the opposite direction.

It’s less crowded with competitors here, but it makes your job harder, because you’ve actually got to hire and coach and nurture and encourage talent.

You’ve got to find people who understand how to be relevant and entertaining in a medium that hasn’t valued that in over a generation.

But, ohh, is the payoff ever sweet!

I know. I’ve been part of that many times.

And if I can help you to that payoff, you and your station will be forever changed.