It’s Cancer, Baby

Joanna’s Story…

Cancer is the unwelcome intruder in almost every home. If we don’t have it, someone we love does.

So Joanna’s story is instantly familiar and personal.

The point of this post is to remind you that your station can be the catalyst to share stories like Joanna’s.

Stories of struggle and transformation. Stories of hope and devotion. Stories of anguish and loss.

You won’t convince me that producing stories like this one and making them available to your listeners on your web site isn’t a positive thing.

You think this isn’t what your station is about? That’s what you believe?

This is real life. 

Oh, you believe people come to your station to escape real life.

That is possible.

But by holding up your mirror and reflecting the caring and love that are intrinsic to a story like this one, you become more than an escape.

You become part of their family.

You connect on a deeper level than most stations can.

I’m not suggesting your station become a 24-hour weep-fest; it should not. This is something to feature on your web site and promote on your station.

But caring enough to share the personal stories unfolding all around you, as a means of support, as a reminder of our humanity, our hope for redemption, the beauty of life…

How can that be wrong?

How can that not be part of your station if you ever aspire to be more than a music box or utility?