It Has To Happen

Reducing spot loads


I’ve always been told that I’m a dreamer if I really expect Radio to reduce spot loads.

That’s ok with me. I’ve been called a lot worse.

I think this reduction is inevitable and what I’m seeing now in Television in America proves me right (I hope).

TNT became the latest TV network to announce it has reduced spot loads by up to 10 minutes per hour for all new dramas airing this year.

You can read the story HERE.

I understand that the biggest American consolidated radio companies have such an onerous debt burden that they would run 60 minutes of spots an hour if they could.

And, I understand that if you compete with either of those companies, they force you to sell spots for less than you otherwise could, requiring you to run more spots to hit the number you’re expected to hit every week and month.

But I still believe those two companies will eventually be forced to sell off assets, to accept the inevitability of their inability to service their debt.

And once that happens, it will be up to you to set new spot load limits in your market.

That will require leadership and courage, perhaps even a willingness to accept lower profits for a while.

We all know that one of the most common listener complaints about broadcast radio is over-commercialization. That has done as much to create a market for Pandora and Spotify as any other factor.

So when the inevitable happens, be ready. Step up. Do what our industry needs to survive: Cut your spot loads.

It has to happen!