It Doesn’t Matter How Fast You Type

It Doesn’t Matter How Fast You Type

The race.


Once, the number of words you could type in one minute mattered, at least if typing was your job.

But that time is done.

It doesn’t matter how fast you type now, just as it’s never mattered how fast you read.

That’s not how anyone is measured.

And it doesn’t matter how fast you talk, despite what PPM would have you believe.

The only thing that matters is what you say and how you make me feel.

I want you to believe that what you say matters — because it does.

I know that’s hard because everyone on your side of the mic who judges you is telling you the opposite.

But I am telling you the truth.

Words have always had power. They matter.

Choose them carefully.

Express them emotionally.

It’s not a race against the clock.

That’s not how you’ll win.