Is Polling Like Radio Research?

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I am not a researcher but like many of you I have seen more research by more research companies using more research methods than I would have thought possible 40 years ago.

I learned over time to approach research results cautiously.

First, I had to trust the researcher and his methods. That goes without saying, or should, but you might be surprised at the number of people who quote research to justify decisions when they’ve told me privately they don’t really trust it.


  • Do you have the right researcher?
  • Are they vigilantly overseeing the persons making the calls, those actually asking the questions?
  • Are you questioning the right people and asking the right questions?
  • Are you asking without unconsciously biasing the answers?
  • Are those receiving the answers transcribing them perfectly?
  • Are you structuring your study so that you include every segment of the population?

I am also not a pollster, but we are already in that season where political polling is being conducted and reported on weekly.

So, if you use research, if you do research, THIS article will interest you.