Is Podcasting The Future?

Guess who just started?

You’ve probably seen at least one of his films: Clerks, and Chasing Amy are my two favorites.

Kevin Smith, independent filmmaker, airline gadfly, and all-around successful guy is leaving that success behind him for podcasting.

Yep. Podcasting.

Here’s how he feels about the future:

For the first 10 years of my career, it was, ‘You guys, see this movie I made. It’s going to be playing here, and you go sit there and watch it.’ And now it’s the opposite: ‘You guys, when can we be there for you?’

You record all these podcasts and create a vast library so that when people are bored, they put you on. You become their friend. They take you with them wherever they go.”

Podcasting is simply story-telling. The morning-radio people have known this for years. They’re living as white noise of their listeners’ lives, and they have far more pull than the guy who is simply like, ‘Hey, I made a movie. Come see it.’ “

There’s no loyalty to that entertainer. There’s a loyalty to someone who spends every day or every week with you.”

I’m curious. Have you tried offering your best content as a 2-3 minute podcast that’s down-loadable from iTunes, Flapcast or your station website?

I’d find it curious if you aren’t curious about knowing how that might work out.

Offer it free. See if you get any takers.

What will it tell you if you don’t?