Instant Response

Could you do this?


I’m sure you’ve already seen this:

Her unselfconscious joy is infectious and fun, but that’s not what’s impressive.

This is:

Supposedly, this video was viewed over 30 million times within 24 hours.

I have no idea if any of this attention actually produced a huge increase in revenue for Kohl’s; I doubt it, actually.

But the fact that their marketing team jumped on this opportunity so quickly reminded me of Radio, at least before consolidation and the layers of bureaucracy it created.

For very little money, Kohl’s seized their moment of attention and milked it to remind their core customers about their loyalty program.

Radio does a fabulous job of instant response when tragedy strikes, whether it comes in the form of a tornado or an act of terrorism.

Video should be part of that response, and that doesn’t mean production fees costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Do you have to go through management channels above those inside your own station to spend a couple of thousand dollars to take advantage of an opportunity like this?

How can you change that?

In this age of ever-decreasing attention spans, you don’t have the luxury of waiting a few days for corporate approval.

You need to react now, instantly, or the moment is gone.

Can you?


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