Inspiring Generosity

Hope this helps

When I frst read the story of GITTIP, I thought it was a wonderful idea but honestly, couldn’t think of many radio friends who would participate.

Maybe it’s because almost everyone working in our business, except for those elite few at the very top levels of most radio companies, has seen their pay cut dramatically over the past couple of years.

Each of us knows at least a few people who are barely hanging on, who are literally begging for work, getting meals from free food pantries, desperately anxious for any help from anywhere.

According to The Week, “The number of people living in poverty in the suburbs has risen by 64% in the last 10 years, or twice the rate of urban poverty growth.”

And it is undeniable that nothing feels better than being able to help, so I revisited the site and thought about it some more.

Click on the ABOUT button to learn all the details of this site.

The idea is to donate a small weekly stipend to someone you might not know personally but whose work inspires you, a small way of saying “Thank you, and please don’t give up.”

It is often easier for people to accept help this way, which doesn’t destroy their dignity or pride. It’s a way of sharing, with tangible support for work you admire. You can remain anonymous if you wish. And, even if they’re not working at all, you can still make a gift.

The point is, lots of people need help right now, and if you’re one who doesn’t, please consider doing so. You can use your weekly tithe if you’re religious, or whatever you would spend by not eating out one night of the week, or however you justify it.

Helping is the point. Encouragement is the goal. Support is the means.

If you can, now is the time. Today.

And if you know of a better platform, or you can create one specific to Radio, please share it with me.

Let’s not pretend there’s not need, let’s find a way to help right now.