Inside Job

The definition of leadership

What does this say about us?

At a time most employees can barely remember their last substantial raise, median CEO pay jumped 27% in 2010…

What does that say about our morality, our ethics, how we value others?

Maybe you don’t agree with me. Maybe you think it’s the American way to reward — meaning enrich to a level never before seen — the few, who create their own bonuses by firing tens of thousands of employees, or from outright fraud and theft.

I don’t consider myself a Socialist. I don’t even consider myself that liberal.

I don’t think there should be a cap on what anyone can make from honest work.

And I definitely don’t believe our business is the only one that’s been blinded by greed. The bankers and hedge fund managers who caused the global financial meltdown in 2008 make media CEOs look like novices.

Have you seen INSIDE JOB yet? It should be required viewing before the next election.


A leader leads by example whether he/she intends to or not.

I, for one, thirst for a leader.

I thirst for someone In whom I can believe. Someone with compassion, a vision of the future based on growth rather than cutting, a commitment to all employees that sacrifice is shared, not dictated, someone who would be ashamed to take tens of millions of dollars when so many, under their watch, have lost so much.

I know some, but most have left our business.

What does that say about our business?

A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” ~ Jack London