In Reverse

Beyond imagination

We, safe in our huge homes, with more food than we can eat, more things than we can keep, with heat when it’s cold, and air conditioning when it’s hot, cannot begin to imagine what life in Syria has been like for millions of ordinary men, women and children.

We, the most heavily armed nation on earth, march when one person is shot by the cops, who must assume that every person stopped is armed in a nation determined to put automatic weapons in every citizen’s hands.

We feel compassion only for our own, urgency only for our inconveniences, anxiety only about our inability to buy the newest phone or the coolest car.

In Reverse

It is necessary to be reminded that we live in an affluent bubble most in Syria, and Pakistan, or Liberia, and just about every third world nation you can think of would find beyond imagination.

If you’re still breathing, you’re one of the lucky ones…and you can find ways to help HERE.