In My Seat

A pilot’s story of 9/11

If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth your time.

We can now resolve to use September 11 for something positive.

For this one day, we can stop being Republicans and Democrats, we can stop being Conservative or Liberal, we can stop demonizing the other side, impugning their motivations and character…

For this one day, we can stop gossiping and sniping and hating; we can stop wanting ever more, we can stop ignoring — or, worse — castigating those with so much less…

For this one day, we can remember how we felt that day, how we came together that day, how we defined each other as Americans united that day, how we grieved together that day.

How better to honor not only the lives lost that day, but all the lives lost since because of that day.

Will you join and pass it on?

I will.