Imaging Messages

Think about this…

99% of the imaging messages I hear on radio stations in the US and around the world are a waste of air time.

They violate the very first principle of marketing:

Your message should focus on the customer, not on your station.

We’ve talked about this a lot, but based on what I hear every day it must be a very difficult concept to grasp.

Your imaging should focus outwards, on listeners and their needs, not inwards on your station and how cool it is.

If you think I’m wrong about this, explain why decades of doing it the other way haven’t produced huge ratings for you or changed your image and the perceptions listeners in your town have about your station.

Ask your listeners if they truly believe your station plays “the best variety” or “the most music” or whatever BS claim you’re making.

Use your imaging to speak to their hearts about what they care about, and watch what happens.

Come on, try it. What do you have to lose?