I’m Seeing A Pattern

And I like it!


Being different, looking different from others, can be a good thing.

We need to remember that.

And I’m proud of the marketers who are literally singing that message so often and so loudly this year…



Coke decided to reprise it’s America the Beautiful ad originally aired during the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.



In a foreshadowing of this year’s painful and divisive Presidential campaign, Coke’s spot drew an immediate and xenophobic backlash.


E pluribus unum.

It appears on the Great Seal of the United States.

It was the unofficial motto for our country, provided by the original founders of our nation in 1782.

E pluribus unum. Say it out loud a few times.

It feels as good a definer of what America has stood for as anything I can think of, especially this Christmas.